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Telephone Interview Tips...

The most important thing to remember is your objective: to obtain a personal, face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer. If you can create the proper first impression on the telephone your chances of being invited for a personal visit are greatly enhanced.

Points you should keep in mind:
  • Be enthusiastic and assertive.
    Remember you don't have the benefit of physical expression and eye contact to show your interest level.
  • Don't do anything which can create an unpleasant impression of yourself:
    - speak too fast
    - have music, TV or other noises in the background
    - chew, drink, or smoke
    - speak too close to the receiver
  • Do not ask questions that appear to be selfishly motivated.
    This is the most common mistake people make on phone interviews. You should not bring up the subjects of money, benefits, etc. Your only objective at this point is selling the company on your skills and experience. Note: Talking about money/benefits prematurely can only have negative effects.
  • Prepare your answers to the obvious questions of:
    - Tell me about yourself? (be concise, don't ramble)
    - Why are you leaving your present position? (have a positive reason)
    - Why did you leave your last position? (give a positive, specific, honest reason)
    - What are your strong / weak points? (give actual examples)
    - What was your greatest accomplishment in your last position? (be specific)
    - What contribution can you make at our company? (be specific)
  • The best way of answering the last question is to do research on the company you will be interviewing with:
    - check out the company's web site
    - do your homework
    - find out what they are doing
    - be prepared to point out how you can contribute

In parting... let the potential employer know you are very interested in the position and why. The enthusiasm you display could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate.

GOOD LUCK and call your recruiter
immediately after the interview.