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Client Comments


“Bob is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. We are certainly a challenging client to work with (i.e., high expectations, changing job specs and a not so desirable work location), yet Bob finds us great candidates! He understands our business, knows how to succinctly get to the core of what we are looking for and knows how to sell our opportunities to potential candidates. He has successfully placed numerous individuals with us from individual contributors to senior management. Plus, Bob is just enjoyable to work with.”

Denise Andahazy- VP HR, CSS Industries

“Bob and the Piedmont Group are well respected within the organization for their approach to our needs. We have successfully partnered with Bob and his team to fill a diverse range of positions from product engineering to technical sales.”

Steve Gray-Ingersoll Rand Talent Acquisition

“Bob is a highly professional individual who provides expert service with higher level placements. He seeks to clearly understand the requirements of the positions and the company and then keeps you informed as to his progress. He is upfront about any limitations due to market conditions or anything that might hinder his ability to complete the search. I would highly recommend Bob for any high level placements you might have.”

Laraine Knauss, SPHR – Director HR, Food Sciences

“I have found the Piedmont Group to be a valuable partner in sourcing high level, business critical talent. Bob Meitz conducts an in depth analysis of the organizational need and position requirements before he initiates a search. When a candidate is referred they are qualified and prepared to articulate their accomplishments. I highly recommend the Piedmont Group as a recruiter of choice, who can effectively and cost efficiently secure exceptional talent for your organization.”

Barb Adams, SPHR- HR Manager, Dow Reichhold

“I previously worked for Bob when he was President of Inolex Chemical Company, and developed a good working relationship with him and a respect for his business savvy. When I had the need for an executive recruiter to fill several key positions at SITE-Blauvelt I thought of Bob. He approaches a search from a business perspective with an understanding of what it will take for the person to be successful in the particular company. I brought Bob in and had him meet with our president and other key executives. He developed a good rapport with, and the respect of our executive group. He also gained a good appreciation of our business, our culture, and the key relationships. He became part of our team, and would come back regularly to meet with our key executives. As a result of this relationship he was able to help identify quality candidates, and we were able to fill four key positions (VP and above) with talented people who were great fits. He was able to present quality candidates right from the beginning, so we didn't have to do a series of endless interviews with multiple candidates to finally find the right person. As one of our executives said at the time "Bob's a pro".”

Daniel Sell- VP HR, SITE-Blauvelt Engineers